Parent Training


What is OASIS Parent Training?

The OASIS Parent Training Program (offered in English and Spanish) is a 16-24 week long program. During the program, you will complete web-based informational modules, and you and your child will attend weekly sessions in-person or via telehealth with an OASIS Parent Coach. You will:

  • Learn to apply evidence-based skills with your child
  • Receive instruction and support on how to promote independence, gain compliance, and teach your child appropriate replacement skills for problem behaviors
  • Learn strategies to advance your child’s social and academic skills, encourage generalization of new skills, and maintain learned skills.
  • Learn techniques on developing effective methods of interacting and playing with your child.



What to expect during the weekly, hour-long sessions:

The OASIS Coach will:

  • Review the online information and answer questions
  • Provide suggestions for activities to do with your child during the session
  • Provide support and immediate feedback as you learn new skills to help your child

NOTE: Parents will need to have high-speed internet connection, computer with operating system Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac 10.11 and above, and a supported browser.


What are the information modules, and how do I access them?

 The course content includes:

  • Introduction to Autism and Behavioral Treatment
  • ABA and Evidence-Based Approach
  • Defining and Observing Behavior
  • Collecting Data & Graphing
  • Reinforcement Strategies
  • Differential Reinforcement
  • Stimulus Control
  • Increasing Correct Responding
  • General Teaching Strategies
  • Teaching a New Skill
  • Specific Teaching Methods
  • Decreasing Rates of Behaviors
  • Putting It All Together & Program Development

You can access the course content at home, a library, or other location with internet access



Interested in OASIS Parent Training?

1. Certified OASIS Coaches that have elected to provide their contact information can be found here.  Please contact a provider in your area to determine availability, insurance coverage, and costs. 

2. Once you have found a provider and are scheduled to begin OASIS parent training, please complete the parent registration to receive your training materials.

The OASIS Parent Training program was developed and tested with federal funds from the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR).