located at
The University of Kansas Medical Center

What we do

The Bridge Clinic is a first step in treatment following your child’s Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. We are here to “bridge the gap” by providing ABA services for your child until your family can connect with a service provider in your area. Services are provided in a preschool-like setting from Monday – Friday for 4 hours per day. The clinic is for children up to 6 years of age and services are provided for up to 6 months before the transition to permanent ABA services.

We are a team made of BCBAs and providers skilled in autism intervention,
and we strive to help your child! 


Individualized Programming

Your child will work to develop age appropriate skills through individualized programming based on skills assessments

Address Challenging Behaviors

Address behaviors through a functional behavior assessment and function-based treatment plans for problem behaviors

OASIS Parent Training

Parents will receive weekly parent training sessions while their child is in the Bridge Clinic. 

Please contact the Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training at (913) 945-6602 or email us at for more information.